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Religious and Monastic Life Explained Cover Image

Religious and Monastic
Life Explained

Uncover the enigma of Saint John of the Cross' writings in this reprint of the forgotten work by Father Ludovic de Besse, O.S.F.C.


"In presenting this translation of that most valuable work, commonly known as “Réglement,” from the prolific pen of the learned and ascetic Abbot Dom Prosper Guéranger, it is our aim to meet, to some extent, a long felt necessity and oft-expressed desire that it be made accessible to our English-speaking brethren. Though our labour may not be crowned with the same success as that of the renowned author, we hope, nevertheless, that this work will find a hearty welcome and approval. May God graciously accept it as an instrument for showering His richest blessings on all who faithfully seek Him in the religious state."

Conception, Mo., June
13, 1908.
Feast of St. Anthony.



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