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Devotion to the Holy Face is a powerful way to make reparation to Our Lord for all the offenses of idolatry, blasphemy, and irreverence to which He is so often subjected.


The Holy Face Chaplet is made up of five sets of beads in honour of Our Lord's five senses which were afflicted most grievously during His Passion. Each set has one bead upon which is prayed, "My Jesus, Mercy" and a Glory Be. There then follow six beads upon each of which is prayed a verse from Psalm 67, "Arise O Lord and let Thine enemies be scattered; let those that hate Thee flee before Thy Holy Face." The thirty recitations of the Psalm verse correspond to the thirty years of Our Lord's hidden life. The chaplet is concluded by three more beads upon which the Psalm verse is prayed in honor of Our Lord's three years of public ministry.


This handmade chaplet is comprised of light brown wooden beads, dark brown or black cord, a crucifix, and a Holy Face medal. This item has not been blessed.

Chaplet of the Holy Face

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